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Polyethylene Foam (PE)
​ Most common foam used in shipping. CFC & HCFC free. Recyclable & reusable. Available in different colors and strengths.

Polylam Foam
Polyurethane Foam
        Next Generation Packaging Products
 All of the products we offer are custom made to fulfill your products particular shipping requirements. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us.
Polylam is made with 1/2" foam sheets glued together and custom cut to your needs. CFC & HCFC free. Available in different colors and strengths.

Polyurethane foam is  very soft material and is ideal for simple pads and light, sensitive products. Available in different colors and strengths.

Bio-degradeable Foam
Bio-foam is made out of corn starch. When the foam gets wet, it will start to dissolve. Great for international shipping. Great for the environment.

Speciality Foam
There are too many to list but the foams mentioned above are the most common. Some other foams include PVC, XLPE, Conductive, & Enlightened.
Recycled Foam
Avialable in Polyethylene foam. 65% recycled material in various strengths in stock. 100% available upon request. Certain quantities may need to be ordered for 100% recycled P.E. foam.